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Class Teachers for 2021/2022:


Junior Infants:Mrs. Grace,Ms. Kennedy & Ms. Fennelly(Ms. Brett)

Senior Infants:Mrs. B. Ryan and Mr. O'Dwyer

1st Class:Ms. Mooney and Ms. Meade

2nd Class:Ms. Shelly and Mrs. Lyons(Mr. Butler)

3rd Class: Ms. Murphy and Mrs. McGrath

4th Class:Ms. Campion and Mr. Walsh

5th Class:Mr. Ryan and Ms. Tyrrell

6th Class:Mr. Fogarty and Mr. McGrath

Learning Support Teachers: Mrs. Ryan,Mr. Kelly,Ms. O'Sullivan,Ms. O'Shea,Mrs. Calnan,Ms. Cantwell,Ms. Connolly


Board Of Management:

Chairperson (Patron's Nominee): Mr. Billy Gardiner
Patron's Nominee: Br. Christy O'Carroll
Principal and Board Secretary: Mr. John Moloney
Teachers' Nominee: Mrs. Mildred Grace
Parents' Nominee: Mrs. Lisa O'Neill
Parents' Nominee and Board Treasurer: Mr. Colin Ahern
Community Representative: Fr. William Dalton
Community Representative: Mrs. Sadie Bacon