Agreed Report

From Board of Management Meeting

29th February, 2024

  • SSE: School Self Evaluation this year is focussing on wellbeing.
  • Current enrolment in the school is 421: We currently have 17 mainstream classes in the school.
  • Admissions: The closing date for applications for Junior Infants and our new Autism Class was 29th February. Our new Autism Class is now full to capacity.
  • Continuous Professional Development: The school will close on Tuesday, 23rd April for training in the revised primary maths curriculum.
  • School Calendar: The school calendar is published on the school website.
  • Minor Works: School blinds have been replaced in the upstairs classrooms. We are due to begin installing solar panels at the end of April under the Schools Photovoltaic Programme.
  • Future Planning: We will begin planning the reconfiguration of our computer room and school library in advance of the opening of our autism class for 2024 during the month of May.
  • Ethos: Catholic Schools Week was from 21st January to 27th January. Grandparents’ Day was on Wednesday,24th January. We look forward to First Confession on 11th March followed by First Communion on 18th May and Confirmation on 10th May.
  • Upcoming Events: The school choir is preparing for The Peace Proms in SETU Arena in March.
  • Student Council: The Student Council is in place and meeting regularly.
  • The following policies have been updated and ratified by the Board of Management so far this year: Child Safeguarding Statement, Anti-Bullying Policy and Admissions Policy.